Many women spend ages choosing underwear. They believe that it would flatter their curves, and amaze their partners. However, few men pay attention to this part of a woman’s outfit. They would rather rip it off as quick as possible, than gaze at it for hours.
Modern fashion industry offers the widest variety of both bras and panties, so it will be good to know which underwear men like the best.
More than 1000 subscribers of Men’s Health Facebook page shared their preferences concerning women’s panties.

1. Briefs – 40%

Surprisingly enough, it’s a leader! But why?  Men confessed, that such panties make women feel comfortable, and comfort equals sexiness. Besides they like the way the booty looks in them.



2. Thongs – 34%


To be honest, initially, 73% of men confessed they liked this type of underwear, but then the result seriuosly declined, when 3% claimed they hated thongs. The men explained their preference like this, “You can see the whole booty. What not to like?”

3. G-string (extremely thin thong) – 13%



These panties show the whole booty and men like it. As simple as that!

4. Bikini – 12%


Men like this type of panties much more tham the next point of our list, but they are obviously one of the least attractive.

5. “Grandma’s panties” – 1%


Almost nobody liked them. However, there were some positive comments. “I think, every girl has a pair of such panties. If she feels alright in them, why not?”
This is the result, ladies. If you want to please men, it’s high time to revise your wardrobe! Or choose comfort instead. As one man said, comfort equals sexiness.



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