The Imo state Governor has been outspoken recently concerning how the governing party is being run


Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has been doing a lot of soul searching lately.

A few hours after First Lady, Aisha Buhari, blasted her husband for letting a cabal seize his administration, Okorocha urged President Muhammadu Buhari to carry APC members along in the affairs of State.
He made the suggestion after emerging from a meeting with the President.

Okorocha had said:  
“If there is a clarion call for Mr President to take a look at his cabinet and bring in more people, there is nothing wrong for Mr President to take note of comments by people because if everyone keeps saying the same thing, there may be sense in what they’re saying.
“Most people of the party felt that they have not been carried along. I know that many of them complain every day. They want board appointments released so that there will be calm.”
Okorocha recently visited presiding officers of the National Assembly and here are some of his comments on the state of play at the All Progressives Congress (APC).

1.There’s plenty of infighting within the APC


If you ever thought all the reports of bickering within the APC were a figment of the imagination of the media, Okorocha is here to put those doubts away.
“This victory of ours is very dear to us, but we are concerned that our victory so far has not been properly managed due to anger, bitterness among the members of our party at different levels and at different cadres”
 said Okorocha.
APC hasn’t managed its success properly, Okorocha is saying.

2. APC is a confused party

Okorocha also painted the picture of a governing party in disarray.
“There have been so many complaints and distrusts, confusion and we have resolved as a people, as Governors, as Senators as federal House members, as National Working Committee members to come together and resolve these issues once and for all”.
 Our two pence: You are not likely to get good governance from a confused party.

3. APC has disappointed Nigerians.

Which isn’t really shocking, but we are just a tad amused that an APC Governor can be this blunt about the state of affairs:
“Nigerians expect so much from us and at the end of it all, Nigerians will not ask us how far have you dealt with each other, but they will ask us how much food have we put on the table of the common man…?”
 Okorocha asked.
Exactly, Governor, exactly. There’s no food on the table of the common man at the moment.
Dear APC, it’s time to listen to one of your very own.


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