I think the battle line has just been drawn by Banky W and Skales. It’s been six years, and one would ordinarily suppose that all misdeeds done as at back then had been buried in history. But no! It hadn’t! It appears like what Linda Ikeji thought would start and end as a mere blog post has risen to haunt her after six long years, as Banky and Skales have chosen to clap back!

Back in 2010, the top Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji had made a controversial post accusing Mr. Wellington of being in a relationship with Megastar actress Genevieve Nnaji. And earlier this year, the blogger also made a post on Skales and his Manager being arrested.

Banky and Skales may not have popular blogs to also make posts of the rich unmarried blogger, but sure have music to do whatever they want with. And the duo has just released a video for their song titled “Nobody’s Business” where both of them are pictured in white robes in front of their apartment while a cleaner looks on.

In the course of a video, the cleaner is equally used as a blogger with an old HP laptop to represent Linda Ikeji, blogging about Skales in trouble with his record label and Banky in a hot romance with a top actress. Lol. I can only imagine what next will spring up. Watch Scales ft. Banky W’s Nobody’s business on YouTube to see for yourself.


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