Kiss Daniel
Once in a while, people loosen up by having a little fun here and there with Mr. A or Mr. B. Sometimes, what tickles Mr. A’s fancy might be a complete turn off for Mr. B. Now that’s what the “Bigger Friday” show failed to bring into consideration before proceeding to play a prank on Kiss Daniel.
The Bigger Friday show had marked Kiss Daniel as their next subject of a pretty bad prank and invited him over for an appearance on the show. The singer, who was running late for the appearance on the show finally showed up, and “Stephanie Coker,” the host of the show embraced the occasion to badmouth the young star.
Kiss Daniel sure tried to contain her rants but obviously reacted somewhat when she called him “a one-hit wonder,” after which she asked him what he will do when he has up to five hits songs out there. You will agree with me that’s his feelings was hurt, but he, however, managed to keep his calm.

The whole crew then launched an attack on the singer, getting him confused as to why his running late for an appearance would trigger such outbreak. Soon enough, the singer was overwhelmed. And then he was made to know that the whole thing was only a prank. Contrary to their expectation, he didn’t find it funny. He walked out of the show immediately!

But then, he eventually cooled off and took it all in stride. However, he said this to the “Bigger Friday” show;

“Abeg, next time, Bigger Friday show make una take am softly with these pranks. A sensitive person just might cry, or maybe start a fight like Davido did. And that’s a good look at all.”



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