Former Petroleum Minister, Chief Don Etiebet also said that Buhari has laid a foundation for growth and development in the country.

Former Petroleum Minister, Chief Don Etiebet has said that only mad people will say President Muhammadu Buhari isn’t performing in office.

Etiebet also said that Buhari has laid a foundation for growth and development in the country.
“If anybody is saying Buhari is not performing, that person is a mad man because, within two years, he has laid a foundation for growth, foundation for development,” he said during an interview with Vanguard.
“We must have that foundation first. For 56 years of our independence, that foundation was not there and that is why you see things like this. So with this foundation laid, we are now going to have something to stand on to develop.
“Let me tell you, I worked with President Muhammadu Buhari when he was not yet President. He was a presidential candidate under ANPP when I was the national chairman and I see a man, who is very sincere and committed to the development of Nigeria; who feels the pains of why Nigeria is like this after so many years of independence. A man, always in a state of melancholy feeling the pains of how Nigerians have squandered our resources, about the enormous corruption that Nigeria has found itself in.
“And when you see him, you would feel his pains too about the overwhelming problems of Nigeria; how Nigerians behave the way they are behaving.  It is for this reason he ran for the presidency three times; it was the fourth time God heard his prayers, our prayers and brought him to save Nigeria.
“And he has come and you know the enormous achievements he has made. Could you imagine where Nigeria would have been by now if he did not come? Maybe Boko Haram would have hoisted its flag in Aso Villa.
“They were already in Abuja. You saw all the bombings in Abuja, the previous governments with all the money they allocated, they put them in their pockets, sending soldiers so callously empty handed to be killed in the field.  They were not sincere and honest in their dealings. They did not love Nigeria, all the money that was given to them to fight insecurity; they put it in their pockets and used the balance to buy people for the elections,” he added.
Meanwhile, Buhari’s spokesman, Femi Adesina has said that the president will still win Nigeria’s general elections if he contests today.


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