Ice Prince’s relationship with Maima Nkewa seems to be growing stronger despite the odds. 

Ice Prince with his girlfriend Maima Nkewa
Ice Prince with his girlfriend Maima Nkewa

Top Nigerian rapper Ice Prince, 29, in January had an epic Twitter meltdown that burnt through his ice cold (no pun intended) persona.

Ice Prince had a bad case of Twitter fingers as he reacted to a story of his girlfriend the beautiful French-Ghanaian Maima Nkewa cheating on him. Ice Prince went through a bunch of emotions- denial, heart break, love, and anger. These range of emotions played out on Twitter.
In his most memorable display of Twitter fingers, Ice Prince vehemently defended the honour of his girlfriend. After his show of chivalry many placed a bet that Ice Prince’s relationship with Maima would crumble. That has been the opposite. Their relationship has grown stronger since the cheating allegations.
After the drama the pair showed they were still very much in love via video clips and pictures on Snapchat. In one SnapChat picture posted by Maima Ice Prince was in the kitchen cooking with her.
On Valentine’s Day Ice Prince released a brand new single titled ‘No Mind Dem’ and addressed the cheating rumours. From the record we can decipher that Ice Prince is sticking by his woman no matter what.
Maima and Instagram user's conversation
Maima and Instagram user's conversation
Ice Prince Zamani hasn’t been the only one doing the defending. A few days ago Maima Nkewa bashed an Internet troll for claiming that her man was bleaching. “Yup, I love ‘em and they feel so right when he’s touching me” Maima told the troll on Instagram.
Normally a high profile relationship like theirs would have fallen after the cheating rumours, but somehow Ice Prince and Maima have gone past it and are stronger.

This was not the first time that Ice Prince and Maima’s relationship was tested. Last year on his birthday, October 30, there were several reports that Ice Prince and Maima had broken up because she did not write a birthday message for him on her social media accounts.
Ice Prince
Ice Prince and Maima Nkewa
Ice Prince and Maima quickly squashed the rumours. A few days after his birthday the couple were seen cuddling on SnapChat.
Ice Prince started dating the beautiful French-Ghanaian in 2014. Ice Prince was quickly smitten by her. He shared several of her photos on his Instagram. Public display of affection wasn’t further either.
In June 2015 Ice Prince declared on MTV Base Real Talk that his relationship with Maima was ‘serious’. A month earlier the Chocolate City rapper spoke exclusively to Pulse TV about how he finds time for Maima with his busy schedule. “She is always there but she always wants more time as well. It’s just that I can’t. I sleep like 3 hours in 24 hours every day, almost every day of my life. She understands, she is always around me. She hooks things up” Ice Prince said.
Ice Prince and Maima Nkewa cuddling
Ice Prince and Maima Nkewa cuddling
(SnapChat )
Ice Prince’s relationship with Maima has been his longest relationship since he became a big time celeb. He had short relationships with female rapper Eva, Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson, fashion designer Yvonne Nwosu, and former beauty queen Anna Banner.
The fact that Ice Prince’s relationship with Maima is his longest signifies that he sees something special. Despite the obstacles they have faced they are together. It is more than likely that Ice Prince has found his woman for life.
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