It is no longer news that wife of popular Nigerian footballer, Amara Nwankwo got married in 2004 to the football star Kanu Nwankwo at the age of 18-years old and has ever since been basking in the success of her marriage.

Kanu Nwankwo, wife and children
Amara who was naive at as when she got married to Kanu Nwankwo in an interview with Punch Newspaper, disclosed how her parents were in support of her marriage at that age, her architectural degree, how she has been coping with fame and much more.
Why did you decide to practice as an interior designer?
I have a first degree in Architecture and I graduated just before I had my daughter. I had some experience working with some of the best architectural firms in London.
It dawned on me that I was giving my 100 per cent to a company, which was predominantly white and I had little or no time for my family. 
Having garnered adequate experience, I decided to set up my own business, so that I would have time for my family. I can now do things at my own pace. Unlike interior decoration, you need certain technical skills to become an interior designer.

Mr and Mrs Nwankwo
How did you adjust to being married to a popular personality?
 When I was getting married, I was not ready to be thrust into the limelight. I didn’t even know what I was getting into. I wasn’t a football fan and I knew nothing about  the Premiership. I didn’t know I was getting married into that level of limelight as I was young, vibrant and in love. I am now a football fan.
Did you harbor any doubts about your marriage?
I wasn’t scared; I felt it like it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was in love, so there was no time for a negative feeling like fear to come up. I think the love I had and still have for my husband was all I needed to feel comfortable and good.


You got married at the age of 18; how were you able to keep the family and home together at that time?
Marriage is a growth process and I learn on a daily basis. I got married as a teenager. I was young. I think I jumped into the deep end and I simply went with it.
It takes a lot of determination to keep things going because irrespective of your age, marriage throws a lot of curves at you. The main thing is being able to bounce back after being hit with a surprise or what you do not expect.
Would you want your daughter to emulate by getting married at a young age?
Having gone through it myself, I wouldn’t say I would like her to do the same. I would like her to experience life slightly a bit more than I did.
But it all depends on the circumstances and the persons involved. I had support from my mum, dad and siblings. In hindsight, I can say that they actually did a good job. In June, we would celebrate the 12th anniversary of our wedding.

The Nwankwos

If you could do anything differently in terms of marriage and certain decisions you have made over the years, what would it be?
I don’t think I would want to do it differently. I think getting married early is my competitive advantage. I learnt real life and management skills in marriage. Even though I’m currently studying for an MBA, it can’t beat the real life experiences. I won’t change anything because it all worked for me.
While he still played active football, how did you deal with the risks associated with his job?
When I began to understand what it meant to lose a game, I had to learn to cheer him up. I also had to learn really fast that every game had a consequence, a price and a goal at the end of the day.



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