Amy Adams Feet

In over two decades, audience has been intrigued by the actress ever present smile and live personality. When actresses who have made a name for themselves due to one personality or another, Amy Adams is definitely one of those. Her overall career has been recognized with two major awards and several honors to illustrate her hard work over the years. But that’s not what majority of her fans are after. Amy Adams feet have become a hot topic among many. Her feet definitely has toured round several high and interesting places and majority of her fans have taken interest in searching for pictures of her feet all over the media and adoring them in admiration.

Amy Adams feet


Amy Adams who in 2007 highlight the important of how much she treasures her own feet. Stake a claim that having a foot rub is much more preferable than going out to have any sort of romantic dinner when it comes to herself.
Seven years later she was spotted with Legendary Tim Burton who is a film maker. But this time it wasn’t to give her a foot rubs as she has always wished for or to take her on a romantic dinner which she would have been ok with. But they were seen working on a photo shooting which was intended to bring The Red shoes of Han Christian Anderson. It was reported that Amy Adams wore The Red shoes that is capable of taking control over its wearer. Amy’s feet were looking gorgeous in them.

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Age: 40 years
Born: 20th Aug 1974
Place of birth: (Italy) Vicenza
Height: 5 feet 4inch or 163cm
Weight: 58kg or 128 pounds
Spouse: Dareen Le Gallo


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