Nicki Minaj’s New Boyfriend, Meek Mill Talks About The Crisis In Nigeria


The report by International Media about an estimated 2,000 innocent people dying in the Northern part of Nigeria has raised eyebrows from several international celebrities and Nicki Minaj’s new boyfriend, Meek Mill has come out to talk about it via his twitter page.
The Maybach Music Group artist complained about the media not covering happenings in Nigeria but placing so much emphasis on the attacks in France as compared to the one in Nigeria which has claimed the lives of thousands. The rapper furthermore tweeted that the reason why he doesn’t watch TV is because the media isn’t reporting what they ought to. Each of both tweets the rapper shared got about five thousand Retweets. See his tweets below:
Meek Mill         @MeekMil

I don’t see nothing on the news about Nigeria …i don’t understand that!
Meek Mill         @MeekMil

They talking about Paris but not 2,000 people in Africa …that’s why I don’t watch tv!


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