Lady Gaga Shows Off Killer Booty While Practicing Yoga in Leopard-Print Underwear: See the Photo!

Lady Gaga, Instagram 


Gaga, ooh la la!
Lady Gaga showed off one heck of a toned tush on Instagram today, the pop star sharing a photo taken during her workout—which appears to be happening in a gym, despite the fact that she’s only wearing leopard-print underpants and a black sports bra.
“Starting my day off feeling strong, gotta sweat out the whiskey from last nights jam session,” Gaga captioned the impressive pic. “And can u spot my abandoned weave? Bang front 6 oclock!!! Thank u@triciadonegan.”
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Why yes, we did spot what looked like a loose pile of hair lying next to her mat!
Gaga’s shout-out was to Bikram yoga specialist Tricia Donegan, under whose tutelage the singer has managed to really master her asanas. Per her Instagram, the diva’s super-fit-looking bod is also a result of pilates workouts, a post a few days ago reading, “ACDC and Pilates equals I will knock you out bitch. TNT, I’m dynamite.”
As for that whiskey-drenched jam sesh, Gaga has talked about needing a few pulls to master her nerves while recording with Tony Bennett.
“I was keeping a whiskey under my stool because I was very nervous to be around him,” she told E! News back in October. “And then, gradually, we became greater and greater friends. And I think because of that, our singing became more and more honest and more and more authentic.”
Mission accomplished: Their duets album, Cheek to Cheek, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.
And Gaga appeared to be in a place of gratitude throughout her day, also Instagramming a glowing performance pic with the caption, “I’ve been waiting a long time to see that smile back on my face. But there it is. And it’s real. Cuz I’ve got a supportive team, crazy friends, a loving family. That’s where it all starts.”



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