A fresh report has revealed how the Biafra coin of 1969 has been put up for auction, with the highest bidder going home with the currency which is no longer in use.
The minimum bid is for 90 Euros (equivalent to N46,800). The bidding ends February 24 with the auction date set for February 24 to February 25, 2017, and the auctioning is taking place in Germany and several parts of Europe. 
One Biafra coin to be auctioned for about N46,000
The agitation of the pro-Biafra secessionists is one of the many issues Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, is working really hard to curtail.
The agitators, who had approximately 47 years ago, returned to Nigeria after their initial secession from the country. There are some movements showing the activeness of this group again.
The Biafra war also known as the Nigerian civil war would never be forgotten in the history of Nigeria. The secession of the Igbos from the nation had a deleterious effect on the nation’s finances. 
A screenshot showing the details of the auction. – One Biafra coin to be auctioned for about N46,000-AMNEWS
At the moment, they are asking the federal government to give them a referendum to allow them leave and stay independently as a country of their own. 
The stubbornness of the Biafran warlord, Ojukwu, and General Gowon, the head of the Federal Military Government (FMG) then made things tough with the nation’s economy suffering from it. The Igbo people felt they could stand alone since the oil revenue the FMG depends on comes from their side
As a result of this, the FMG also withdrew their support for the agitators and this made many of them starve to death.
During the period the war lasted, the Igbo people launched their own currency and started doing things on their own with the ongoing war. 
The Biafra currency is no longer in use for transactions.


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