Following the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries that ratified Goodluck Jonathan as the party’s candidate for 2015 elections, the politician December 11 delivered an acceptance speech at Eagle Square in Abuja.

Goodluck Jonathan


We have picked the most memorable extracts from Jonathan’s speech, the script of which was made public by Presidential Spokesman, Reuben Abati.

1. PDP – the party, which is not afraid of challenges, and this is a feature of winners.

“What we have achieved today should be a lesson to all who care about Nigeria. What we have done exemplifies our unity. What we have done exemplifies our determination. What we have done exemplifies our purpose. We are a Party that accepts challenges. We are a Party that confronts those challenges. But above all, we are a Party that resolves challenges. And it is exactly these qualities that will lead us to victory.”

2. About PDP’s mission and Transformation Agenda.

“Our mission is to secure Nigeria’s future… The Ministers, Advisers, Assistants and staff that have formed the Transformation team, have shown great dedication, creativity and loyalty… Our Party, the PDP, has been the foundation of our Transformation Agenda.”

3. How the party has been fighting corruption and what spectacular results is has achieved in economy.

“Through its years of office, our great Party, the PDP created the Anti-corruption agencies, that is, the EFCC and the ICPC, the Excess Crude Account, the Pension Reforms, Fiscal Responsibility Regime, the Sovereign Wealth Fund and various privatization programmes… At the advent of democracy in 1999, Nigeria’s GDP was 35.9 billion US dollars. Today, it is 510 billion US dollars – and we have become Africa’s biggest economy. In 1999, our debt to GDP Ratio was 93.1%. Today, it is 13.6 % of which external debt to GDP ratio is 1.89%.”

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4. Defectors owe credit to the PDP.

“For those who defected from the PDP, I enjoin you to tell the truth in your campaigns. Many of the developments in your States were initiated by the PDP. So be honest with the voters and give credit where it is due.”

5. And one more time about the many benefits of Transformation Agenda.

“All across our nation, the positive gains of the Transformation Agenda are being progressively enjoyed by our people. During this campaign, some office seekers will say it is “time for change”, but while they were changing from one name to another and from one party to the other, we had already brought change to Nigeria. My dear delegates, Has  change not come to our railway system? Has change not come to our airports? Has change not come to our roads network? Has change not come to our agricultural sector? Has change not come to our electoral process? Has change not come to Almajiri education? 59. Is change not coming to the power sector?”

6. Security situating is getting better with the effort  of the current administration.

“I assure all Nigerians that this Government will continue to do whatever is required to provide the security we deserve. It is encouraging that the security situation is improving, and by the grace of God, elections will be conducted in all states of the federation. I call on all Nigerians, irrespective of party or belief, to join me in this fight against insurgency and terror. We must be united. Bickering and quarrels only serve to send the wrong signals to terrorists and insurgents, that we are divided in this fight.”

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7. No conflict escalation ahead of the 2015 elections.

“The experience in many countries shows that there may be a tendency for the escalation of violence in an election year. We must not succumb to blackmail. We must be vigilant – every one of us. Only by united action, can we defeat terrorism.”

8. Recalling Ebola.

“We are a people who show commitment and unity of purpose. Just look at how we stood up to the Ebola Virus Disease. We are a hard-working nation. And we will go from strength to strength.”

9. Why not to listen to the PDP rivals.

“The choice before Nigerians in the coming election is simple: A choice between going forward or going backwards; between the new ways and the old ways; between freedom and repression; between a record of visible achievements and beneficial reforms – and desperate power-seekers with empty promises… Our political opponents shall assail us with the fury of their desperation to win power. They will use every means – intimidation, false accusations, hostile media and more. Do not descend to their level. We must stay focused on the mission at hand – to secure Nigeria’s future.”

10. Always committed to peace, democracy and honesty.

“We will campaign in peace… We will campaign on the facts and the truth. We will campaign with issues and ideas. We will campaign on our record of performance. We will campaign to win… God bless you all. God bless our great Party, the PDP. God bless Nigeria.”
You can find the full speech here.



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