Here are the 7 reasons why Buhari announced he will be seeking another term in office in 2019


Garba Shehu who was guest of the BBC, had the following to say on the president’s declaration:

11. Shehu says Buhari is running because Nigerians have been begging him to

According to the president’s spokesperson; “He is answering to the yearnings of Nigerians who have been calling upon him to recontest to continue the good job that he is doing”.

22. Buhari is running again because he doesn’t want his projects abandoned

You know that thing where one president comes in and ditches the projects of his predecessor? Shehu says Buhari doesn’t want that to happen.

“The president is focused on a number of key issues. Infrastructure projects and policies which must not be abandoned midstream. We want it to continue”, Shehu said.

33. Shehu says Buhari has done a darn good job in the last 4 years

44. Because Boko Haram is now a thing of the past

According to Shehu, Buhari has broken Boko Haram’s back.

“There is so much that he has been doing, this country has been rid of Boko Haram”, Shehu said.

He added that: “The Boko Haram as we knew it has been broken. The Boko Haram that has declared an Islamic caliphate on our territory with a flag and a system of taxation? No.”

55. Shehu says Buhari has done 98 percent of the job you asked him to

[L-R] Lauretta-Onochie-Lai-Mohammed-President-Muhammadu-Buhari-Garba-Shehu-and-Abike-Dabiri-Erewa

66. Buhari’s health is excellent, says Shehu

If you thought Buhari’s health will be a problem as he angles for another term in office, Shehu says you shouldn’t lose any more sleep.

“President Buhari is in excellent health. In fact, I would say the president is a lot healthier today than he was when he took office.

“The president’s health is excellent. I am saying that it is excellent. He looks much healthier now than when he came into office”.

77. Nigerians expected too much from Buhari in 2015

Shehu says the perception that Buhari has failed is misplaced. He however added that the people expected too much from their new president at the time.

“You can talk of tyranny of expectations. Assumption was made that in two days of assumption of office, all of the problems of this country will disappear”, Shehu told the BBC.


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