US President-elect Donald Trump on Monday, December 5, named Ben Carson, his former rival for the Republican nomination, as secretary of housing and urban development.


Donald Trump has named Ben Carson, as secretary of housing and urban development.
 Trump in a statement said:
 “Ben Carson has a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities and families within those communities.”

“We have talked at length about my urban renewal agenda and our message of economic revival, very much including our inner cities. Ben shares my optimism about the future of our country and is part of ensuring that this is a presidency representing all Americans.”

Carson will be the first African-American appointed to a senior position for Trump’s cabinet so far during this transition.
Carson said:

“I feel that I can make a significant contribution particularly by strengthening communities that are most in need”.

“We have much work to do in enhancing every aspect of our nation and ensuring that our nation’s housing needs are met.”

Carson was one of the large field of Republican presidential candidates. He enjoyed an early surge in the polls after he announced his campaign in May 2015 and ran mostly on his biography rather than policy. He bowed out of the race after a disappointing finish.

He endorsed Trump in March after ending his own bid for the White House.



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